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What is the Phyla Gut Health Score?

We created a method to evaluate your overall gut health by combining all the data we have received from your microbiome test, such as the bacterial composition, diversity, and stability of your microbiota. We use artificial intelligence algorithms to compare your sample to a large database of stool samples from healthy individuals in order to evaluate your gut health. Our algorithms assess the balance between the potentially harmful and beneficial bacteria in your gut. With all this information, the Phyla Gut Health Score provides the most comprehensive indicator of your gut health.

The score is presented from a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 meaning that you are very close in microbial composition to someone that has a gastrointestinal condition. A score of 100 means it is very unlikely that your microbiome has a composition that is resembling an unhealthy person. Using recommendations from your Phyla microbiome report, you can improve your gut health score!

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