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Intestinal Health Simplified 

Your gut is unique. Phyla's microbiome test kit provides personalized guidance on how to take control of your IBD and IBS.

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microbiome testing for Inflammatory bowel disease and Irritable bowel syndrome

How It Works

1. Order your kit
2. Start tracking your diet, symptoms and stool events with the Phyla app
3. Receive your kit and collect 1 sample every 5 days
(3 samples total)
4. Return your samples in the mail using your pre-paid envelope
5. View your results & recommendations
(4 weeks)

Convenient at home testing made by people just like you

We work with the top researchers and hospitals to develop the newest artificial intelligence, IBD/IBS, and microbiome science - helping you analyze your gut like never before.


Listen to your body

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Just like your symptoms, your microbiome is constantly changing. That's why our test analyzes your gut 3 times (once every 5 days).

Tracking these changes gives you a personalized understanding of how your metabolism, inflammation, and symptoms are all connected.

Uncover a deeper awareness of your experience as a patient.

Guidance personalized to your needs

Phyla provides personalized tips and recommendations so you can improve your health from the inside out.

We'll help you reduce the guess work around which foods to eat, which supplements to take and ways to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

You deserve it.

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