Remote disease management and virtual care on one platform. 



AI-powered digital health

Phyla has developed an algorithm that can accurately diagnose inflammatory bowel disease using the stool microbiome along with a digital health app for remote IBS/IBD patient management.


As we await regulatory approval, Phyla’s algorithm has been repurposed to provide an indicator of the individual’s intestinal health. Instead of a diagnosis, we provide a wellness score which will indicate the level of intestinal microbial disorder as a proxy for an individual’s current disease severity.


Efficient longitudinal monitoring

Phyla is an mHealth platform that provides insight into your patients’ lifestyle and regular snapshots of their intestinal health. 


Patients can track months of symptom and lifestyle data in between medical appointments and share this with their physicians in an easily digestible format.


The at-home, low-cost and accurate nature of Phyla’s platform-integrated microbiome testing strategy decreases the need for in-person medical visits, diminishes the burden on the healthcare system and lowers stress levels for patients.

Mental Clarity
Sleep Cycles


Your symptoms
Gut Microbiome Composition


Predictive & Personalized Care 

Phyla provides alerts when several serious symptoms are detected by the algorithm. 


The relevant information obtained from our approach helps physicians track treatment adherence and monitor patient response. 


Through the longitudinal testing and tracking enabled by our platform, physicians will treat their patients in a more complete manner, resulting in the possibility of improving disease management and disease state.


MUHC IBD clinic:

To further validate the accuracy of our algorithms, we are completing a government funded study in Montreal in 2021, with 250 participants at the McGill University Health Center.


We have been invited as ‘Innovation Fellows in Residence’ by the St. Justine Mother and Child University Hospital Center to deploy our app to their IBD patients transitioning from pediatric to adult care.

Get in touch with our Medical Team

Our team of medical experts led by Dr. Houman Farzin are here to answer all your questions regarding Phyla's solution and showcase the literature and information behind the science of Phyla.

Dr. Houman Farzin  MD, MSc. Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sani Karam MD, MPH

Chief Medical Product Officer

Dr. Kam Kafi MD

Medical AI Expert
Montreal, Canada

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